The ACEs

Anthony Barrasso (President)
Anthony is a 3rd year graduate student studying retinal development. His career interests include cancer research, education, and politics. Outside of lab, he likes playing with his dog and eating delicious food. Follow him on twitter @barrasso67.

Bryan Visser (Vice-President)
2013-12-04 14.06.58
Bryan is a 2nd year graduate student studying DNA replication. He plans on making a career for science advocacy working at a museum or in Washington, DC. In his free time, Bryan enjoys board games and ballroom dancing.


Michelle Rubin (Editor-in-Chief)
Photo on 3-31-13 at 9.15 PM #2 Michelle is  a fourth year biomedical PhD student. She is extremely interested in science policy and hope to pursue that after her  studies. Let her know what you think of the blog on twitter! @michellejrubin.

Jessica (Editor)
10891702_10152475816767115_155735200795992761_nJess is a fourth year biology PhD student who studies the liver and its regenerative capabilities. In her admittedly limited free time, she enjoys traveling, writing, and being outdoors.

The Motley Advocate
Slide1Motley Advocate is a Christian, a biologist, a writer and an amateur at many other things. He doesn’t  have a twitter but you can e-mail him at

(Social Media Manager)

ScienceAces1Biotechie is the Science ACEs social media manger (@scienceaces and She is a rising 3rd year PhD student researching cell fundtion, cholesterol, and obesity. You can follow her personal twitter @biotech_babe.

benBen is a fifth year PhD student in Virology and Microbiology. He plans on pursuing a career in Public Health after finishing his degree.

tyler_pictureTyler is  a graduate student working on gene therapy research, and have past experience with viral research. In addition to science advocacy, he is interested in the biotechnology/biomedical industries.  Outside of research, he is involved with volunteering in community groups and working with computers.

Christina is a Ph.D. candidate studying the interactions between gut bacteria and the human intestine. She is pursuing a career teaching undergraduates.

Rogers Brown
Rogers Brown is a 4th year developmental biology graduate student. He is interested in becoming a science educator when he “grows up”. Rogers spends his free time exploring science fiction and fantasy in various media.

Asante Hatcher
ACES Photo
Asante Hatcher is a third year graduate student interested in pursuing a career in scientific policy and advocacy. His insterests include, but are not limited to, cooking, reading, sports, videogames, and watching re-runs of the 1988 Crystal Light aerobics championship.

Tim Farinholt
Tim is a fourth year biochemistry grad student interested in exploring a career in science administration. His main focus is rock climbing while occasionally dabbling in the immune system of obscure soil amoebae.

austen_avatarAusten is a 5th year graduate student and president of Science ACEs. His dream is to go fishing every day once he’s finished with this bacterial pathogenesis thing. You can follow him on twitter @austenleet.


megalodonMeg-alodon studies viruses and how they cause disease. When she’s not in lab, Meg-alodon enjoys the outdoors, playing her clarinet or reading an enthralling book.

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