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Funding of science:
No money for young investigators
American Science is in Trouble and Millennials Can Save it, but Will They?
Help Us Save Science: Vote!

Big, Expensive Pharma
Big Pharma Marketing Shenanigens

Bill Cosby and the Dark Side of Quaaludes
The Rap Battle heard ‘Round (Or Across?) the World

Planned Parenthood:
Keep Funding Planned Parenthood
The Fate of Fetal Tissues After They Leave Planned Parenthood

How to find a doctor:
Finding Dr. Right

Climate change/global warming:
Global Warming has me Eating Insects
World Leaders Address Climate Change in Paris

What Trump Doesn’t Know about Vaccines: A Message to Anyone Concerned about Vaccine Safety

Our Global Microbiome

Basic research:
5 Great Inventions Found Through Basic Research

A Side of Science for Your Thanksgiving Dinner
Science of Love

North Korea:
Nuclear Autopsy: Dissecting the latest tests on the Korean peninsula

Science Knowledge:
How does your general science knowledge compare?

Neglected Tropical Diseases:
Neglected Tropical Diseases

Genetically Modified Organisms:
The Cautionary Tale of Chipotle Mexican Grill: “Food with Integrity”

Big Data May Provide Answers to Big Problems
Your brain on the petri dish: how cerebral organoids are changing neuroscience
The History and Ethics of Cloning