The Brain


The Brain with David Eagleman. Copyright PBS. Obtained from here.

Neuroscience is continually moving forward, with new discoveries being made every week about how the brain works and how it alters our perception of the world around us. However, with research article titles like “Regulated Dynamic Trafficking of Neurexins Inside and Outside of Synaptic Terminal,” fully grasping the current state of the field can prove difficult. PBS (The Public Broadcasting Service) aims to help clear up some of the confusion with their new series The Brain with Dr. David Eagleman, which premieres tonight.

Dr. Eagleman, a neuroscience professor at Baylor College of Medicine, will take viewers through a 6 part exploration of the brain and its many functions. Much like its PBS counterpart Cosmos did with physics, The Brain will delve into concepts that have been exciting and puzzling researchers for decades, but in a way that is easy to understand for even the most fledgling neuroscience enthusiasts.

If you want to let your brain get better acquainted with itself, tune in to PBS tonight at 10 PM .

The author
ACES PhotoAsante Hatcher is a third year graduate student interested in pursuing a career in scientific policy and advocacy. His interests include, but are not limited to, cooking, reading, sports, videogames, and watching re-runs of the 1988 Crystal Light Aerobics Championship.

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