Carly Fiorina

Science ACEs is doing a series profiling the 2016 presidential candidates with a special focus on their stances on key science issues our country will face in the coming years. Today, we’re looking at the Republican candidate, Carly Fiorina.

Name: Carly Fiorina

Party Affiliation: Republican

Government Positions Held: None. Ran for Senate in 2010.

Other Positions Held: CEO of HP: 1999-2005, Board Chair of Good360 (a nonprofit that connects company donors with other nonprofits).

Education: B.A. in Philosophy and Medieval History from Stanford, M.B.A. in Marketing from University of Maryland College Park, M.S. in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Stance on:

Science Research: During her 2010 California run for senate she made allowances for research using stem cells but has since made her views less certain. What is certain is her disapproval of research done using fetal tissue and that she is a staunch opponent of Planned Parenthood.

Climate Change and Alternative Energy: Supports coal and opposes regulation of emissions. Acknowledges global warming is occurring and man-made, but says in the Washington Post that any steps taken by America to reduce greenhouse gasses would be ineffective and harm our economy. In that same opinion piece she calls for companies to stand against pressure from climate activists such as Greenpeace.

Education: Ms. Fiorina is a big advocate for local control of education with the focus being on parents and teachers to increase the competitiveness of our children in a 21st century economy. She is in favor of school vouchers that allow students to afford private school tuition. Nevertheless, she supported national and international benchmarks such as those from No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top during her Senate race. However, recently Ms. Fiorina stated that  the Common Core is a bad idea since it  increases oversight unnecessarily and stifles innovation

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): Ms. Fiorina wishes to repeal ObamaCare which she considers “vast legislative overreach.” Further, she supports free-market approaches to health insurance that will improve quality and lower costs through competition. She believes that more complexity excludes small businesses from the market.

Vaccines: Ms. Fiorina  wants all immunizations to be a decision of the parent rather than the CDC, but allows for schools preventing unvaccinated children from attending.

Internet: She is an opponent of net neutrality because recent FCC Title II regulations are too complicated and harm start-ups preventing market competition. During the Fox News Republican debate earlier this year she said that Russia and China are attacking us over the internet and that private companies Google and Apple should work with the FBI to combat ISIS recruitment.

Summary: Ms. Fiorina  has so far been very consistent with the Republican party line. Her biggest break is in agreeing with the vast majority of climate scientists in saying that global warming is man-made. Ms. Fiorina is a populist pushing for transparency in lawmaking with her “1 for yes, 2 for no” idea. Count on her to favor whatever policies allows for the most competition in the market and the least governmental oversight.


The Author:
2013-12-04 14.06.58Bryan Visser is a 2nd year graduate student studying DNA replication. He plans on making a career of science advocacy working at a museum or in Washington. He also enjoys board games and ballroom dancing.

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