That’s a wrap!

Over the past month, the Science ACEs blog has been running articles on mental health. If you’ve been reading along with us, you know that mental health issues are near and dear to many of our hearts, as they may be to yours. As scientists, we are interested in the biology and physiology and chemistry of mental illness. As people, we are interested in loving and understanding and empathizing with others. We hope that we have been able to tell you something you didn’t know before, relate to your struggles, or just make mental health and mental illness a little more interesting and a little less scary.

A lot of ACEs participated as authors in this feature, but just as important were the ACEs who worked “behind the scenes,” editing articles and suggesting topics. A lot of times this involved finding times to meet each other between experiments or staying up late to read each other’s work, but the feature was important to all of us and we wanted to put forward our best ideas. The authors are grateful to everyone who put in the time and energy to make that happen.

We hope you’ll keep reading as we move on to other aspects of our awesome, scientific world – and as always, reach out to us if you want to ask a question, have an idea for us to write about, or want to say hi! Leave a comment, email us at, or tweet at us @scienceaces!


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