Welcome to the Science ACEs Blog!

Welcome readers, welcome everyone!

We are very excited to have you here at the Science ACEs blog! We are dedicated to Science Advocacy, Careers,and Education, and our mission is to promote scientific communication through a partnership between scientists and the public. We are a group of students, researchers, and everyday people expanding the influence of science in society.

When you hear the word science, what do you think of? Maybe dull textbooks. An old professor who drones on in a monotone voice. Being forced to take organic chemistry, or physics, or some other course you dread. Maybe you think of the socially awkward scientist with big hair and even bigger glasses hiding in a lab all day, doing experiments that no one else understands. Or maybe you’ve had a fantastic experience with science from inspirational teachers and great television programs. (Anyone remember “Bill Nye, The Science Guy”, “The Magic School Bus” or “Cosmos”?) Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. Maybe you think scientific information is valuable, but you’re frustrated with the fact that there are few science news outlets, that science papers are horribly difficult to read, or that science talks are boring to listen to. We sympathize with your frustrations, because we believe that science should be accessible to everyone of every background and persuasion.

The Science ACEs want to create an environment where science makes sense, is exciting, and fosters curiosity and creativity; an environment where you don’t view scientists as walking, talking brains, but real, compassionate people who yearn to make the world a better place; an environment where scientists are not only passionate about research but also education. Imagine a forum where scientists are passionate about engaging with and writing for YOU. Imagine a society where people feel confident in their healthcare, education, and voting decisions because they understand the science behind the issues. This is the world that the Science ACEs envision. We are committed to being visible as scientists, and to being real, genuine people you can trust. This is the reason for this blog: to make science accessible and blend the science world into the everyday world!

Let’s go on a journey together. Let’s explore the world of science and scientists. Let’s travel through the human body or imagine the life of bacteria. Let’s talk about graduate school and funding crises. Let’s discuss controversies in the news and science policies created by legislators. While we explore these topics (and many more), know that you are crucial to this journey. Your thoughts, your questions, and your curiosity fuel this endeavor. A conversation with only one speaker is merely a lecture (and we all know how boring those can be), so please bring us your questions, tell us your thoughts, and open the door to two-way communication.

Welcome readers, welcome everyone, to a new kind of science conversation.